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Keeping Your Pet Healthy With the Best Cat or Dog Oral Care Info & Tips

We think that your pet needs the best care at every turn. This is why we are completely dedicated to giving you and your dog or cat the professional, courteous and most up-to-date services possible. We are committed to helping you develop a great lifelong relationship with your animals so that you have a positive effect on their health and well-being.

Our website provides great information on wellness visits, dentistry, surgery, vaccinations and our on-site pharmacy. You will also find out more about radiology, in-house blood work, and microchip identification.

We stand by the American Animal Hospital Association. Find a clinic that is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association of which only 14 percent of animal hospitals are. Look for a Level 4 accredited hospital. This is the way to know you have found an excellent vet. These hospitals are trained as consultants to practice and ensure that they are meeting the AAHA's very high standards. There are a dozen areas of specialization and they include surgery, dentistry, anesthesia, pain management, radiology, vet records, patient care, continuing education for the staff, and client services.

Well-rounded practices take care of many different animals. If you own a reptile or exotic pet, this will make you feel at ease. Other types of pets that should also be cared for are dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, reptiles, fish, gerbils, hamsters and even flying squirrels.

Regular Pet Exams Are Essential

It is hard to stay aware of what is right for your health at times. It is just as hard to know what is good for your pet. Here are some tips from the pros to keep your animal friends healthy. Like you, your pet can have heart problems, arthritis, or dental issues. A regular visit to the vet is one way to catch these problems early. You think about the things you feed your dog, and you take him for lots of walks. You also get him in for a checkup regularly. But, do you think about his dental health?

Oral Care Products

Oral hygiene is overlooked in dogs a lot. It is crucial to your dog's health. If he has a toothache, he is going through pain that he cannot tell you about. If it goes untreated, it can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause heart, kidney or liver problems.

At Animal Care Health of Holland Road, Your Pet Is Part of Our Family!

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Below is just one of the articles by Dr. Andrew M. Silverstone, DVM. He has also written and co-written articles for veterinary journals. Please note that this site is not intended to give veterinarian advice. Take your pet to a vet when needed.

Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, Volume 17, Number 3, 2007
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a Diamondback Terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin

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