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Receptionist and Office Manager

Toni has been with Animal Care Clinic since May 2006 and enjoys getting to know the clients and their pets. Her first job in a veterinary hospital was as a kennel attendant which she did while still in high school! She walked dogs, gave baths, and made sure all of the kennel guests were comfortable during their stay. She has worked in veterinary positions for nearly twenty-five years. Animals havealways been a huge part of her life. Her pets include a Bichon named Louie, and two cats, Pepi and Tippi Toes.


Office Greeter

Hello, my name is Caramello. I am Dr. Silverstone's cat and I am also our office greeter! I love to lay on top of the pharmacy and watch over all the work being done. I also love to check on all the dogs and cats that are in the hospital (whether they like it or not!). But mostly I just love to eat and be petted.


Observer of Life

Hi, I am Esperanza and I am Dr. Silverstone's cat also. I am very laid back and just like to sleep on top of the refrigerator in a basket and wander about in the back of the clinic. I love to try and find cabinets that are open a crack and work my way in to hide and sleep! I am a wonderful cat to love but do not try to do anything to me or I get very upset!


Beauty Contest Winner

Hi, my name is Willow and I have been the clinic cat since 2002. I was adopted from Animal Control and brought here to live. Mostly I like to keep to myself but when I want attention I will let you know! I love living at ACC and everyone treats me as if I am their own cat. During the day I just sleep behind the reception desk so everyone can comment on how beautiful I am!


Virginia Beach, Virginia